Feature Your Battlestation Setup

If you’re a proud owner of an aesthetically-pleasing battlestation, and want to showcase it to the world, submit your battlestation below.

We will be posting your Battlestation on our Instagram page @battlestationsetupsofficial.

In order to be featured, please follow this criteria:

✔️ The battlestation must be yours.
✔️ Complete battlestations only.
✔️ Laptops should be accompanied by peripherals too.
✔️ Only high quality photos or videos must be used.

Alongside the above criteria, ensure that you include the following:

✔️ Please send the names of the products included in your battlestation.
✔️ If you have any DIY creations on your battlestation, be sure to include any backstories or videos to accompany it.
✔️ Let me know what your social media tag is so I can tag you when we post.

If you would like to send more quality photos (which are bigger in size) or some videos for me to edit, please do the following:

Method 1: Upload On Cloud & Send Me Downloadable Links

1. Please name your media so I can sort through them as efficiently as possible.
2. Upload all of your media via Google Drive / Dropbox / Mega.nz.
3. Allow the file to be shared by others.
4. Copy the shareable links and then either…

✉️ Send an email with the links to lorenzo@battlestationsetups.com.
✉️ Add me on discord Reapzy#8289 and send me the links there.

Method 2: Send Through Our Discord Server

Coming soon…