Tapping Vs. Bursting Vs. Spraying In VALORANT: What’s Best For Sharp Aim?

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Written By: Lorenzo • Updated: 24/11/2021

When you are actively training your aim to become sharper, there is one question that many of you are asking, which is:

Tapping vs. bursting vs. spraying, what spray type should you use in VALORANT?

If you want to increase your accuracy with your aim, you should do all of them:

You should tap when your enemy is far, burst when your enemy is in medium-range, and spray when your enemy is in close range. For most battles in VALORANT, you should be swapping between burst fire and spraying. ARs like the Phantom or Vandal are the best guns to spray and burst with because you can learn their recoil pattern quickly.

Most maps in the game have medium-ranged sections, so you will find that you are bursting most of the time.

It would be best if you only sprayed during short-range exchanges unless you can control the recoil properly, in which case you can extend your range further.

You mostly tap or 1-tap in larger maps like Icebox or Breeze, where firefights occur at far distances and where accuracy is most important.

But there’s a little more to aim at mechanics than these general guidelines, so below, I will explain different scenarios where you may use one or the other.

Let’s dive in!

When You Should "Tap" At Your Enemies?

Tapping Vs. Bursting Vs. Spraying In VALORANT: A picture of the distance you should be at to tap fire your enemy.

This is the ideal distance to use "tap" fire at your enemies.

The reason why you would ever tap in VALORANT is when you are looking to be accurate, and you have a lower chance of getting out-sprayed or burst down.

Tapping is slower than burst or spraying, so when your enemy is a long distance away, your accuracy is most important when it comes to winning firefights.

Other scenarios for tapping would include when you are trying to hit someone at “headshot” height, for example; if you're peeking from "grass" to "window" in Haven:

An example of when you should tap, even at medium distances. When on the map Haven on "Grass" looking at "Window".

Other scenarios may include if you are aiming up at a window and can only see the head.

You will naturally try to “tap” their head if you ever come across this situation, but just in case you are in bad habits, only use tapping when they are far away or if you are trying to aim for the head.

When Should You "Burst" Fire At Your Enemies?

Tapping Vs. Bursting Vs. Spraying In VALORANT: A picture of the distance you should be to burst fire.

This is the ideal distance to use "burst" fire at your enemies.

Bursting is the most commonly used aiming method because it is more accurate and easier to control than spraying but isn’t as slow as tapping.

You may think that tapping is the way to go due to its accuracy, but this is bad practice most of the time. If you miss your first “tap,” you will be outgunned by your enemy if they are bursting.

3 - 5 accurate shots to the chest/stomach is a kill, hence why burst is best in most cases.

If you can accurately control your recoil when you fire a burst shot, you are most likely to win a firefight over someone tapping or spraying.

Bursting is the easiest to master since the recoil isn’t as hard to control compared to spraying and isn’t as slow as tapping.

And since most of the firefights you have are medium range, you will find that mastering the burst shot will give you the most gains and increase your kill percentage.

When Should You Spray At Your Enemies?

A picture describing the distance you should be at when you should spray at the enemy.

This is the ideal distance to use spray (no need to pray because you're already close) at your enemies.

Spraying is highly effective at short range at any moment in the game.

The difference between a pro player and a casual player is the ability to control a spray, having most of your bullets hit the same area.

You will sometimes see pros spraying at medium distances because they have next-level recoil control.

Although, for casual players, it’s best to stick to spraying when your enemy is close to you because your target on screen is more prominent, and it’s easier to hit even with sporadic recoil from spraying.

How To Practice All Three Aim "Firing" Types

The best way to practice your aim is by creating an aim training routine.

The key is your routine; you should have a proper warm-up before entering a competition, so your aim is sharp and on-point.

You will find that most, if not all pros, have some form of a warm-up routine before playing competitive, and it goes as follows:

Aim Training (Kovaaks/Aim Lab) → Practice Range → Deathmatch → Competitive.

Pros like TenZ use Aim Labs and practice range, whereas others skip out on using aim trainers and do their aim practice in-game, in the practice range.

After warming up, the best way to test what you learned in aim training is to play deathmatch.

Using Deathmatch To Practice Your One-Taps, Bursts, And Spraying

Deathmatch is the most effective way to practice your aim because you are versing real players with natural movements and have many opportunities to out-aim your opponent, compared to competitive where if you lose a firefight, you have to wait to respawn.

When playing deathmatch, you should always simulate real-life competitive scenarios, so play as if you are in a competitive match.

When you play deathmatch, you should hold angles the way you would if you were competitive.

In DM, focus on practicing the three core fundamentals of aiming, which are:

  • Tapping when an enemy is far away.
  • Bursting when enemies are in medium proximity.
  • Spraying when in the close range.

As you practice more, you will build instincts and choose which aim to use depending on the unfolding situation.

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Common Mistakes Made When Aiming

Below are some examples of common mistakes low-elo VALORANT players make when playing.

Spraying When An Enemy Is In Medium Distance Or Further

The most common mistake I see low-elo players make is spraying when an enemy is at a medium distance or further.

Although it may work at lower elos where most players have the same skill set, you will want to avoid spraying unless your enemy is right in front of you.

The above is an important skill to practice when climbing the ranks.

As your elo gets higher, you will find that the quality of enemies you verse have sharper aim and better game sense.

And you can bet that most of them will out-aim you every time because they are more accurate and control their weapons better.

So get into the habit of burst-firing now, and save the sprays for close-quarter combat.

Crouching When Shooting

Most of the time, you will lose if you crouch in the middle of shooting an enemy.

Crouching during a firefight does two things:

  • It makes it easier to aim and shoot you due to the broader surface area as a result of your crouch
  • You are stationary and unable to move effectively, which makes it easier for your enemy to shoot you

When trying to win rounds, the end goal is to isolate 1-on-1’s and try to kill your opponent without taking damage.

Crouching when you are shooting or spraying may increase your accuracy slightly but makes you an easier target.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t crouch at all, but if you find yourself losing firefights often, try to stop yourself from crouching and switch up your position.

Tapping At Short To Medium Distances

Tapping short to medium distances has its place, especially if you’re a high-elo player with fantastic aim.

For example, ScreaM is known as the "1-tap king", and we tend to talk about his one taps a lot due to his insane aim.

But unless you are incredibly sharp with your aim, you’re better off spraying or bursting at short-medium distances.

The exception to the above rule is when an enemy is not looking at you. At this point, you will want to ensure that you are as accurate with a headshot as possible to secure the kill without taking damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions.

How Do You Burst In VALORANT?

To burst in VALORANT, you should shoot 3 - 5 bullets at a time while controlling the recoil, ensuring that all of the bullets land in the same spot.

Mastering burst fire takes some time to get used to and to train, so it’s best to head to the practice range and shoot at the “target,” which you can find next to the bots:

VALORANT target practice, right next to the bots.

Do You Spray In VALORANT?

Spraying has its place in VALORANT, but only during close-quarter combat when an enemy is directly in front of you.

Spraying causes sporadic recoil to occur, and it’s a high-level skill to control that recoil perfectly.

So to maximize your chances of winning a firefight, spray only when necessary - which is when your enemy has the largest surface area on your screen (right up close).

Otherwise, stick to burst fire and tapping.

How Do You Get Better At Tapping In VALORANT?

To get better at one-taps in VALORANT, you should focus on aim training and deathmatch.

Aim training is to help with reflexes, accuracy, and speed, which are all integral to building a sharper aim.

Deathmatch is to practice what you’ve learned in aim training programs and apply them to real competitive situations.

It would be best if you did not rush to shoot when you tap. You always want to take your time to aim before you shoot.

Each time you tap an enemy and miss, your enemy has more time to correct their aim and win a firefight.

So you want to ensure that your taps are adequate.

The best gun to practice one taps is the Guardian or Vandal; you are guaranteed a one-shot kill no matter the distance.

The Phantom is an only instant-kill short-medium range, so the gun is better used if you prefer bursts or spraying.

How Do You Stop Spraying In VALORANT?

To stop spraying in VALORANT, you need to do practice drills to re-write your bad habits.

Again, the best way to do this is through aim training and deathmatch, where you focus on drilling speed, reactions, and accuracy, then practice these techniques in-game.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, by now, you should understand what type of spray you should use at what distances.

If you want to improve your skills in VALORANT, check out our Kovaaks routine for VALORANT, and combine that with an aim training routine to achieve sharp aim fast.

If you have success with the methods listed above, let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear it.

Happy gaming!

Article written by Lorenzo
Since the age of 6, Lorenzo has enjoyed gaming on computers. Having grown up in the digital age, the technology revolves around him. He enjoyed growing up gaming throughout his high school years and is now a young adult who does most of his work on his computer. Lorenzo's mission is to make buying products and building PC's an easy and fun experience for all.
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