11 Aim Training Routines (That Will Make You A PRO Aimer)

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Written By: Lorenzo • Updated: 23/03/2022

Aim training routines can be a grind. It takes consistent effort to see results from your training.

Even worse, you could be wasting your time doing the wrong aim training routines.

Luckily, we've found some fantastic aim training routines by pro and enthusiast aim trainers.

And in this article, you will find the best aim training routines to gain that aimbot-like aim.

You'll also learn how to adjust the aim training regimes to your liking.

Let's dive in!

Fun Fact: For VALORANT, I aim trained for two months straight and went from Gold I > Plat I in one season. From personal experience, it works. Steal my aim routine here.

TL;DR: List Of Aim Training Routines And Guides

Recommended Routines

Kovaaks 2.0

Aim Lab

Recommended Aim Training Routines

Below are routines (and guides) to practice your aim, no matter what game you play.

My preferred aim trainer is Kovaaks.

These guides are specific to Kovaaks as they have the best scenarios.

Kovaaks also has a fantastic community of passionate aim trainers. They're worth checking out!

Aim Lab is the free alternative to Kovaaks.

You can download Aim Lab if you're unwilling to fork out $8 for Kovaaks.

Voltaic's Aim Training Guides (Kovaaks/AimLab)

Voltaic's Beginner's Aim Training Guide
Download Routine
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Voltaic has created a thriving community of passionate aim trainers.

He even has resources going beyond the scope of aim training, check it out:


A list of Voltaic's aim training routines and resources.

You can find these resources in his discord. Click here to join!

I have studied and used his aim guide in the past. At my peak, I dropped a minimum of 20 kills per game. There are tons of routines for different scenarios.

The good thing about Voltaic is that he has specific routines for various games.

He has a spreadsheet tracker and a ranking system that "gamifies" aim training.

You get ranked based on how you perform on his "benchmarking" routine.

You can work on climbing the ranks from there.

The higher your rank is, the better you are as an aimer. It's a terrific way to feel that you're working towards a goal and competing with others.

Creating Your Own Aim Training Routine

Create a custom aim training routine after doing aim training for three months.

Learn the fundamentals first.

After you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and you structure a custom routine.

Start by creating a custom playlist with scenarios that work on your weaknesses.

Or, you can use Voltaic's issue-specific Kovaaks routines.

Aimer7's Aim Training Guides (Kovaaks Only)

Aimer7's Aim Training Guide
Download Routine
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One of the most comprehensive aim training guides is Aimer7's aim training guide.

I came across Aimer7's thesis paper when researching ways to improve in Overwatch.

His guide made a ton of sense and helped me understand why aim training works.

The guide has many theories on how to improve your aim. These principles can apply to any aim training routine you choose.

No matter what aim trainer you use, applying these principles will yield results. Period.

I suggest following his guides to a tee until you become more experienced.

Aim Training Fundamentals: Click-Timing Aim & Tracking Aim

Your gaming preferences will determine the type of aim you should be training.

The wrong type of aim training routine will result in minimal gains to your aim.

Click-Timing Aim

For the click-timing aim, you need to time your "clicks" accurately.

You're not following enemies with your crosshair and holding the spray button.

CS:GO and VALORANT are examples of click-timing aim in action.

Think of click-timing like you're shooting a semi-automatic weapon.

Your window of opportunity is in each bullet that you shoot.

You can't spray sporadically and hope to hit something. You need to aim correctly.

Even though you can spray in CS:GO, you're more efficient with <taps or short bursts>.

You need good crosshair placement and accurate click-timing if you want to be sharp.

Your ability to accurately time your shots will make you a human aimbot.

Tracking Aim

You hold the mouse down and track the target with your crosshair for tracking aim.

Generally, you'll have minimal recoil.

Overwatch and Call of Duty are examples of tracking aim in action.

Here's an example:

<insert video here>

Your ability to keep your crosshair on your enemies as they move will make you a deadly aimer.

What Good Comes Out Of Aim Trainers?

Aim trainers help you hone your reaction timing, speed, accuracy, and smoothness. Hopping into an aim trainer helps you:

  • Warm-up your hands
  • Improve your micro-corrections
  • Improve your accuracy

All of which train you for in-game scenarios.

You won't encounter a scenario that you're unfamiliar with when in-game.

Flicking to enemies, reacting to surprises, and waiting around corners happen daily.

With aim trainers, you can practice each specific scenario.

That way, you're ready at all times.

How Do Aim Trainers Work?

Aim trainers have tons of "maps," which are essentially specific in-game scenarios.

You practice different aiming techniques that occur in-game.

So when you are in-game, aiming feels natural and intuitive.

You call this muscle memory.

Think of it like how a golfer would practice his golf swing or a basketball player would practice his jump shot.

The more you practice on in-game scenarios, the easier they will be when it's game time.

Training Scenarios For Click-Timing Games (CS:GO, VALORANT, Rainbow Six Siege)

Aim trainers are about building muscle memory.

For example, if you are practicing your click-timing aim, a workout like "1wall 6targets small" will help with your aim accuracy.

This scenario is one of many from Kovaaks, our preferred aim training solution.

"1wall 6targets small" works on two things:

  1. Improving your click timing accuracy after flicking
  2. Improving your aim transfer speed

It's best to practice your accuracy first and then speed your aim up.

After practicing, you will find that flicking in-game becomes easier.

Hence why, it's beneficial to practice training routines before gaming.

Here's a real in-game example of this:

Training Scenarios For Tracking Games (Call of Duty, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite)

Tracking aim training is about hovering over your enemy with your crosshair. A scenario like "close long strafes invincible" practices exactly that:

"close long strafes invincible" works on two things:

  1. Keeping your aim accurate targets move around like crazy
  2. Your reaction time when targets shift in the opposite direction

After practicing, tracking feels magnetic. Like your crosshair can't help but stick to your opponents in-game.

A real in-game scenario would look like this:

Who Should Use Aim Trainers?

Aim trainers only work for FPS games.

MOBA or MMORPGs won't gain many benefits from aim training.

It would be nice to have a training tool to practice accurate clicks for MOBA games. Potential idea, maybe?

The hard work from aim training applies to any FPS genre.

Training should be specific to the game you want to get better at.

But both click-timing and tracking go hand-in-hand.

Click-timing is easier because tracking helps with sticking your crosshair on your opponent.

Tracking is easier because click-timing helps with reactions to sudden shifts.

Pros Of Using Aim Trainers

  • Improves your hand-eye coordination
  • Drills in muscle memory
  • Works on reaction timing, accuracy, speed, and smoothness
  • It helps you stay ready for any in-game scenarios
  • Insanely satisfying when you see results

Cons Of Using Aim Trainers

  • Aim training won't help with your game sense or game knowledge
  • Not for casual gamers who game for fun
  • Repetitive
  • It takes consistent effort to start seeing gains

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Practice Aim Training?

One hour of aim training will yield the best results. That's enough time to warm up and work on reaction time, speed, accuracy, and smoothness.

Even if you have a limited time to play, it's worth the sacrifice.

The satisfaction of top-fragging in a game is a feeling like no other.

You'll want to be wary of overtraining.

Aim training all day doesn't mean you will improve.

Train efficiently. You should translate aim training to your game of choice.

Game sense > Aim

You need to rest and let your body recover too.

Consider doing aim training as a warm-up before playing competitively.

How Often Should I Practice Aim Training?

You should practice aim training daily.

It's like how would you learn any new skill?

Daily practice is the key.

Consistency trumps perfection, always.

I guarantee that pros have a warm-up and cool-down routine that they perform daily before and after playing comp.

Practice consistently, and you'll improve over time.

You need to practice consistently, and you'll improve over time.

The Bottom Line

Aim training can turn you from a decent player to an unstoppable force.

The more effort you spend training, the more natural and instinctive you'll be in-game.

Muscle memory is the key to aimbot-like aim.

Make aim training a habit, and you will yield insane results.

Check out some of our other aim training guides below!

Go hard or go home.

Article written by Lorenzo
Since the age of 6, Lorenzo has enjoyed gaming on computers. Having grown up in the digital age, the technology revolves around him. He enjoyed growing up gaming throughout his high school years and is now a young adult who does most of his work on his computer. Lorenzo's mission is to make buying products and building PC's an easy and fun experience for all.

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