Guide To Creating The Perfect Aim Training Routine (2021)

By: Lorenzo  |  Updated: April 25, 2021

If you've decided to go down the rabbit hole of Aim Training, then I assume you're committed to getting the kind of aimbot-type aim that Shroud, TenZ, or other insane FPS players have.

Aim Training is s serious business. So if you’re just as serious, this guide is for you.

We will explore the benefits of having a proper aim training routine, how they work, and how you can use any Aim Trainer out there for practice.

I'll also give you my personal recommended guides that will get you results the fastest.

If you're looking for some awesome best aim trainers then look no further. We've compiled a list of the best ones and can show you how to drastically improve your game.

You won't become a human aimbot overnight.

Aim training takes dedication and consistency before the rewards are finally reaped, so stick to it daily. Add it as a warm-up before you play and you will see results.

Let's dive in.

What Are Aim Trainers?

Aim Trainers are designed to help you hone your hand-eye coordination skills so that when it comes time for some serious gaming action, you’re ready.

It’s a great way to warm up your aim and make micro-corrections to your aim to improve your overall accuracy.

It's mainly catered to FPS gamers where the aim is a big factor between winning and losing a firefight. But even if you are a non-FPS player, Aim Trainers can still be an essential piece to your gaming arsenal.

The skills gained in aim training can also be carried over to other games like League of Legends or World of Warcraft where accurate clicks are necessary.

Knowing The Different Types Of Aim: Click-Timing Aim Vs. Tracking Aim

There are different types of aiming, and it's important to know what kind of aim your game focuses on, as different training maps train different training methods.

Both aim types are important.

Although your specific game may be click-timing or tracking dominant, make sure not to neglect one or the other as they are equally critical.

Click-Timing Aim

1wall5targets_pasu Reload - an example of a scenario during a click-timing aim training routine.

To best visualize click-timing, consider a game like CS:GO. It uses a click-timing type of aim.

Due to CS:GO's signature recoil patterns, spraying and praying like how you would in Overwatch is a no-go.

Rather, you are rewarded for accurate clicks, especially if you land a headshot.

There are times where you will need to track your opponent.

Think of click-timing like shooting a semi-automatic weapon in any FPS game.

You need to not only have an accurate crosshair placement, but you have to also time your click just right so that it shoots at the perfect time.

Aside from CS:GO, this is most commonly used in games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege or any other games where recoil is prevalent.

Tracking Aim

A game like Overwatch primarily uses a tracking type of aim.

The best way to visualize this is by using Soldier 76, Hanzo, or Tracer.

To shoot, you don't tap the mouse, rather you hold the mouse down and track the target with your crosshair.

The difference from click-timing aim is that you will most likely have minimal or no recoil, and have to keep your crosshair on a moving target.

In addition to Overwatch, games where tracking aim is more important are Call of Duty and Apex Legends to name a few.

How Do Aim Trainers Work?

Aim Trainers are designed to train your aim for specific in-game aiming scenarios.

Each aim trainer has multiple different scenarios which work on different aiming techniques, so when you go into a game, it'll feel natural and instinctive because your body will react based on muscle memory from aim training.

It’s similar to how a golfer would practice his golf swing, or a basketball player would practice his jump shot.

The more you work on specific aiming scenarios and get better at them, the easier they will be when it’s game time.

Training Scenarios For Click-Timing Dominated Games (CS:GO, VALORANT, Rainbow Six Siege)

Each Aim Trainer has click-timing type scenarios, which are designed to build up your muscle memory when in-game.

For example, if you are practicing your click-timing aim (explained in detail below), a workout like "1wall 6targets small" will help with your aim accuracy.

This specific scenario works on two things: improving your aim transfer (flicking from 1 target to another) and improving your accuracy.

Once you’ve mastered your accuracy, then it’s time to work on speeding up your aim transfers.

Here's a real in-game example of this if you play CS:GO:

Training Scenarios For Tracking Dominated Games (Call of Duty, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite)

Playing games like Overwatch or Apex Legends means you are spending more time hovering over your enemy with your crosshair as opposed to looking for headshot kills.

You can amp up your tracking aim by practicing workouts like "close long strafes invincible." It’s a great way of getting better at keeping your crosshair on the target for long periods of time.

This exercise works on keeping your aim accurately on a moving target.

A real in-game scenario would look like this:

Who Should Use Aim Trainers?

Aim trainers are specifically tailored for FPS gamers.

Yes, the skills gained from using Aim Trainers can be translated into more accurate clicks for games outside the FPS genre. However, it would still be a better use of time to practice natively for non-FPS players.

For example, I wouldn't be doing aim training for League of Legends, I’d rather spend my time practicing with its own bots to train specific skills like "last hitting".

Pros Of Using Aim Trainers

  • Improves your hand-eye coordination
  • Drills in muscle memory that you can apply in-game
  • Big help in winning firefights
  • Can train specifically to what you need to improve on

Cons Of Using Aim Trainers

  • Aim training won't help with your game sense or game knowledge
  • Takes time out of your gaming if you're a casual gamer
  • Repetitive and can easily get boring
  • Takes consistent effort to start seeing gains (just like working out)

Recommended Training Routines

The following are in-depth guides and routines that you can do on a daily basis no matter what type of aim (click-timing, tracking, or both) you want to improve on.

The majority of these guides will be based on aim training done in Kovaaks.

I suggest using Kovaaks because it has the most scenarios than any other Aim Trainers. So no matter what you are struggling with, there is always a community-made map that tailors to correcting those errors for you.

Aimer7's Aim Training Guides (Used For Kovaaks)

The most popular and one of the most comprehensive aim training guides is definitely Aimer7's workout guide.

I came across Aimer7's guide (it's more of a thesis paper) when researching ways to improve in Overwatch, and was instantly sold on his concepts.

The guide has numerous pages of theories on how to diligently improve your aim, and those principles can apply to any aim training routine you choose to take on.

So no matter what aim trainer you use, applying these principles will yield results. Period.

I would suggest following his guides to a T as Aimer7 clearly knows what he's talking about.

You can download Aimer7's Guide here.

Voltaic's Aim Training Guide (Used For Kovaaks)

Voltaic is another expert in this field. I have studied and used his aim guide in the past, and it most definitely has some great routines.

It does get repetitive after training for a while, so it's good to switch up the routines every now and then.

The good thing about Voltaic is that he has specific routines for different games.

Whether you’re looking to improve in Overwatch, CS:GO, or VALORANT, there's no shortage of routines out there for you.

You can download Voltaic's guide here.

Find Your Own Routines

There’s a lot of cool resources to help you out if you decide to use a different Aim Trainer. Here are just some other ones that we would recommend:

Kovaak 2.0

Aim Lab

Create Your Own Routine

I would only recommend creating your own routine after you have done aim training for 3 months.

After this time, you'll know where to focus on and what areas need improvement for yourself. Training becomes much more personal and customized because it is based on what works best for you.

Voltaic's issue-specific aim training can definitely help with that but otherwise focus on improving your weak points by creating your own routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Practice Aim Training For?

For best results, 1 hour maximum.

Usually, this is about 5 - 6 scenarios played 10x each.

You don't want to over train, as doing aim training all day doesn't necessarily mean you will improve. Train only as much and for the amount of time that will improve you.

You need to rest and let your body recover too.

Consider doing aim training as a warm-up prior to playing competitively.

How Often Should I Practice Aim Training?

You should practice aim training daily.

It's just like how you might work on a new skill, or practice basketball every day to get better at it. Daily consistency is key to seeing great results.

Achieving pro-level aim like what you see pros and famous streamers do on YouTube and Twitch doesn't come overnight.

You need to practice consistently, and you’ll improve over time. With enough practice and dedication, you'll be able to reach that insane pro-level status before too long. Eventually, your aim accuracy will be the envy of all other players.

In Conclusion

Aim training can turn you from a good player to an unstoppable force.

The more time and effort that you spend training your reaction timing, reflexes, and your muscle memory, the more natural it will be for you to do these things in-game.

Your goal here is to make it a habit, to react on instinct.

It will take time to build up your perfect aim. So you should create a habit of practicing daily warm-up before going into a game. You can also block out time on specific days and do these dills as part of that routine or just whenever it fits in with your schedule.

When you see results, leave us a comment below or send in a clip of your highlights.

Happy training!

Since the age of 6, Lorenzo has enjoyed gaming on computers. Having grown up in the digital age, the technology revolves around him. He enjoyed growing up gaming throughout his high school years and is now a young adult who does most of his work on his computer. Lorenzo's mission is to make buying products and building PC's an easy and fun experience for all.
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