Best Mechanical Keyboard For CSGO In 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Getting the best mechanical keyboard for CSGO will arm you up to give you that slight edge over your competition.

Picking the right keyboard can be confusing since there are so many different options to choose from…

And when you dive into the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole, it makes it even tougher, because now you have to consider mechanical switches, keycaps, build quality…

All the nuances that would normally take you hours to research…

So instead of wasting your time with information that’s not relevant, I have compiled a list of keyboards that are used by CSGO pros themselves!

I have broken down the exact criteria for you to use when shopping for a new keyboard so you can make an easy decision.

You may not know this, but some keyboards are superior for CSGO then others – especially keyboards with linear switches…

Keep on reading, I’ll explain below!

Quick Navigation – The 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards For CSGO

The 5 Best Mechanical Keyboards For CS:GO That The Pros Are Using

I want to make something very clear before diving down into the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards.

Although you can get away with buying a stock keyboard, you are almost always better off with building your own custom keyboard.

You get the freedom to choose whichever mechanical switches suit your personal preferences…

And there are many keyboard bases which are ‘hot-swappable’ – allowing you to change the switches easily.

The best keyboard for CS:GO is the keyboard you are most comfortable with which you can perform at a consistent rate.

Below are keyboards that come closest to giving great performance straight out of the box.

These can also be customized later on if you wish to improve on them or make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Ducky One 2 Mini 60% – Best Minimalist Keyboard

Used by 1mpala, reltuC…

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a popular minimalist keyboard that features a unique style that makes it appealing to gamers who like to have a large amount of desk space.

The keyboard includes a variety reputable Cherry MX switches that you can choose from.

Cherry MX switches dominated the market and are known for their quality sounding clicks and typing feel.

The keyboard allows for tons of lighting customization, and as an added bonus – includes different colored keycaps.

The keyboard includes many dual-functioning keys that you can see on the keycaps if you tilt the keyboard.

If you’re looking for a great minimalist keyboard that will save you a great amount of desk space but you don’t want to skimp out on getting quality switches…

The Ducky One 2 Mini is a great option to choose as your gaming keyboard for csgo.

If you want a deeper dive into the Ducky One 2 Mini, check out our full review here.

  • Awesome typing quality
  • Well-built design
  • Many customization options to suit your style
  • RGB backlighting
  • Compact 60% size
  • Comes with extra colored keycaps, themed spacebar, and wire keycap pullers
  • Built-in software can sometimes be confusing
  • No arrow keys may be inconvenient for some
Check Price

XTRFY K2-RGB – Best Responsive Keyboard

Used by dennis, nexa, pronax, dexter…

If you’re not from Sweden, or follow pro team NiP (Ninjas in Pyjamas) then you’ve probably never heard of XTRFY.

XTRFY is not a well-known manufacturer… in the western world.

What’s interesting is that they’re keyboard sponsors for NiP – so if you’re a fan of NiP, you can get the same model keyboard.

Fun Fact: The XTRFY K2-RGB is a very popular keyboard in the CS:GO pro scene… and for good reason.

XTRFY advertises that they are the “world’s fastest keyboard” due to their super-scan technology.

They have stated to have a polling rate of 1,000Hz making the actuation of the keys very responsive.

We can’t speak on behalf of the marketing, but if you’ve used this keyboard, you know that this is one of the fastest keyboards out there.

  • High-quality build
  • Comprehensive macro functions
  • Very responsive typing
  • Built for CSGO Pros
  • Does not include software to accompany RGB lighting
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HyperX Alloy FPS – Best Budget Keyboard

Used by GuardiaN, AZR, coldzera, FalleN…

The HyperX Alloy FPS was made for serious FPS gaming… dead serious.

They don’t try to impress you with their aesthetics or features, and they focus on what really matters – performance.

The base is made from solid steel and includes a detachable cable (which is rare for a full-sized keyboard), so if you want to carry this keyboard to your LAN comps, it will be durable enough to last.

The downside to the keyboard is the lack of visual effects and RGB lighting…

The keyboard only comes in Red LED which still looks nice when illuminated in the dark.

On the upside, the keyboard includes Cherry MX Silver Speed switches, which were made for ultra-fast actuation and is known as one of the top-tier linear switches when it comes to gaming.

  • Nice minimalist look
  • Slick RGB lighting
  • Cherry MX Silver Speeds which are great for gaming
  • Compact design
  • Very responsive keys
  • Very prone to dust
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Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition – Best Tournament Keyboard

Used by TACO, tarik, Twistzz, Gruby…

The Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition features their original linear optical switches which were designed for speed and performance.

Linear switches provide a responsive typing and gaming experience, meaning there’s no middle bump when a key is pressed…

When you press the key it goes straight down, so the lightest touch can register the key.

This can sometimes make the keys overly sensitive, as you are prone to pressing keys accidentally (if not careful or used to the keyboard).

Still this is manageable though, and having a super responsive switch like the Razer linear optical switches ensures that you have superior reaction timing when you’re pressing keys while in-game.

The keyboard comes with Razer’s Synapse 3 software that can be downloaded and be used to customize the lighting and key functions.

The key features of this keyboard are the durability, portability and fast-acting switches Razer provides.

With those 3 in mind, this makes it the perfect keyboard to bring to LAN tournaments and get quality performance everytime.

  • Quality is excellent
  • Great typing experience
  • Ability to be customized
  • Built for performance
  • Quality PBT keycaps
  • Includes a very low actuation point which may be too sensitive for some
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Logitech G Pro X Mechanical – Best Compact Keyboard

Used by shroud, Skadoodle, s1mple, jdm64…

Logitech’s G product line was made for performance, catered to professionals and competitive gamers alike.

They have made a definite impact on the CSGO scene, coming out with quality products as many pros also use Headsets and Mice and Mousepads in the same G line as this keyboard.

It’s compact (TKL-sized), the body is made from plastic, the overall board is very sturdy, and includes a detachable cable – everything you need to easily carry this bad-boy around

The lack of fancy features (like a volume dial, media buttons, etc.), and a focus on performance tailored to competitive gamers make this keyboard a budget-friendly option for those looking for a compact, yet competitive keyboard.

  • Compact TKL design
  • Includes a detachable cord
  • Nice solid build
  • More of a quieter solution
  • Does take some time getting used to
Check Price

Keyboard Buyer’s Guide For CS:GO – What Are The CS:GO Pros Using?

If we’re talking about pros and twitch streamers, they all have one thing in common:

  1. Majority, if not all of them have a mechanical keyboard for their superior mechanical switch technology.
  2. TKL-sized or smaller keyboards are very common as they provide more desk space – especially mouse room.

Mechanical keyboards are superior to membrane keyboards because they can be customised to your personal preference.

This includes being able to pick and choose from the thousands of different mechanical switches available on the market.

When looking for a keyboard, you may want to opt for linear mechanical switches.

Linear switches are considered best as they:

  • Don’t have a tactile bump (which means the key goes all the way down instead of having a bump in the middle)
  • They are close to silent (which is great for streaming)
  • They are easy to bottom out (basically to press – the lightest touch will register into your computer)

As included in our list, keyboards such as the HyperX Alloy FPS or Razer Huntsman include linear switches built into them, with other keyboards having different variants of their keyboards to include linear switches.

The battle between what’s better for FPS gaming – tactile switches vs linear switches is debatable.

It does come down to personal preference – but I’d give linear switches the slight edge since it’s slightly more responsive and very sensitive to key presses – perfect for jiggle peaking.

I’ll explain linear switches in a little more detail below.

For CS:GO, having slick movement can give you a major advantage – especially when you’re AWP’ing or trying to beat the opposition to a site when rushing.

If you have a look at CS:GO Pro Braxton ‘swag’ Pierce you can see how his movement is smooth, fluid and allows him to out aim his opponents.

Swag uses a Logitech G710 Mechanical Keyboard for those of you who are curious. This keyboard includes Cherry MX Blacks which is another linear switch that is fast and responsive.

Another famous CS:GO player – Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek uses the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro which is a very popular option for pro gamers.

Shrouds keyboard is customized to use Cherry MX Silver Speed which are linear switches made for gaming.

The Most Important Factor – Your Mechanical Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches are the most important factor when choosing a keyboard.

Think about switches like they are the engine in your car.

You can have the best looking car, but if the engine sucks, the car will suck.

Switches are the engine to your keyboards – precisely because you will be pressing down on the keys thousands of times every single day.

Here are what mechanical switches do:

Switches determine the “feel” of how the keys are registered to your computer. There are two different types – ‘tactile’ switches and ‘linear’ switches. Tactile has a “bump” which you can feel which actuates the key – registering it once you go past the bump. Linear switches bottom out easy as there’s no middle bump.

Again we come back to the debate between tactile switches vs. linear switches, and according to my research, linear switches are superior because:

  • Linear switches go straight down and you don’t feel that middle “bump”. The smoothness of the keystroke allows you to press the keys down faster as you would tactile keys.
  • One example of rapid movements being used on tactile keys is when you are jiggle peaking a corner. Pressing a key down for too long will reveal too much of your body which allows for more risk of getting shot.
  • Tactile switches have that middle bump that sends you feedback of when the key has been registered. This is arguably better for typists as the middle bump helps with the feedback of when the key is pressed.

There are also clicky switches which are basically tactile switches but have a nice “clicking” sound when the pressed down to the bump.

This is more for those who want that satisfying clack when typing.

Again, choose what you enjoy using the most. Most of the fine details only make the slightest of differences.

If you want to play it safe and use what the pros are using – go for linear switches.

Below is a list of linear switches that are awesome for FPS gaming – including CS:GO:

  1. NovelKeys Creams
  2. Cherry MX Silver Speeds
  3. Cherry MX Black (Vintage Cherry Blacks)
  4. Cherry MX Red / Silent Red
  5. Gateron Reds
  6. Gateron Yellows
  7. Kailh Box Reds
  8. Kailh Box Blacks

Keep in mind the type of sound and feel you want and how fast you’d like the feedback to be.

You can also ‘lube’ your switches to make them feel smooth like butter.

This is more of an advanced technique and is commonly used when customizing a keyboard, or creating a keyboard from the ground up.

Our Winner For The Best Mechanical Keyboard For CSGO

Our winner for the best mechanical keyboard for CSGO has been decided by a factors such as:

  • Ability To Be Customized
  • Size & Portability (To Carry For LAN’s)
  • Build Quality & Durability
  • Performance

The winner we have pick is the Ducky One 2 Mini as it ticks all of our boxes.

This may be surprising to you but hear me out…

The Ducky brand isn’t common specifically in the CSGO scene, but is widely known and is a very popular brand in the mechanical keyboard world.

The compact size makes this the perfect keyboard to carry around and use for tournaments – and because it takes up less room on the desk, you have a lot of mouse space to utilise.

Performance-wise, Ducky have proven to stand the test of time, with many users having owned a Ducky keyboard for years.

Although it’s not your typical gaming keyboard, having Cherry MX switches will give you confidence that you have quality keys and the keyboard itself feels very smooth and satisfying to type on.

One downside is the lack of arrow keys, and if you somehow have incorporated the arrow keys to your in-game workflow, then you may want to opt for a TKL or full-sized keyboard instead.

But in terms of performance, the Ducky One 2 stacks up against it’s competition, even as a CSGO keyboard.

Having all that extra desk space, with a well-built, durable keyboard that is responsive and satisfying to type with – getting a keyboard like this is a opportunity you just can’t pass up!

You can grab your own Ducky One 2 keyboard by clicking the link below!

Check Ducky One 2 Prices

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