What Is The Best Monitor Size For 1080p Resolutions? (2022)

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Written By: Lorenzo • Updated: 01/09/2021

When it comes to monitor size, there are many different opinions on what's best.

Some people say that the monitor should be as large as possible, while others argue that a smaller screen is more ergonomic and easier on the eyes.

Who's to say what's right? In reality, it comes down to what suits your setup the best.

So in this article will discuss the best monitor size for 1080p resolutions is for you...

And give you some fantastic monitor recommendations.

Let's get into the nitty-gritty!

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What's The Best Monitor Size For 1080p?

The best monitor size for 1080p is a 24-inch monitor. 1080p is native to a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1920x1080 screen size, so a 24" monitor will run at the highest quality for 1080p resolutions.

Any monitor below 24" is too small for comfort. Text sizes will be smaller, causing you to squint when reading, and images won't show up as large and will look wonky.

24" Monitors Are Just Right: Not Too Small, Nor Are They Too Big

Best monitor size for 1080p.

24" monitors are the minimum when it comes to buying any monitor.

For gaming specifically, anything below 24" will give you a disadvantage.

For example, it's easier to aim at opponents that show up big on your screen than it is if they're small.

When you have a smaller screen, you will find yourself sitting closer to your monitor, posing health risks due to bad ergonomics.

Proper PC ergonomics means that you should be at least arm-lengths away from your monitor to avoid straining your eyes.

24" Monitors Vs. 27" Monitors: Which Ones Better?

For gaming, or productivity 27" monitors win.

If you enjoy playing at a 1080p resolution, you can still do so on a 27" monitor, no problem.

However, gaming on a 27" monitor gives you much more real estate to play around with, with the addition of playing on a higher-quality resolution of 1440p.

As you use your monitors more for gaming and work, you will find that more screen real-estate means more efficiency.

For gaming, you will see more of the map, and the objects on your screen will show up more prominent, making them easier to see.

If you're interested in knowing what the best gaming monitor for 1440p is, then we've explained it here.

Modern Games Are Made To Be Played On 1080p Or Above

Modern games nowadays are native to 1920x1080.

Whether you play FPS, MMORPG's, or MOBA games, 1080p resolutions are the ideal standard for games to work.

The best resolutions to play games on are 1080p or 1440p, with 1440p being higher quality and more prominent, making it easier to see.

For example, if you buy a monitor for League of Legends, a 24" 240Hz gaming monitor will be the best option for gaming in 1080p.

Fun fact: LCS (League of Legends official professional competition) uses 24" gaming monitors that run at 240Hz.

Best Monitors For 1080p Gaming

There are many monitors to choose from when it comes to 1080p gaming.

Here are some of our top picks below:

Alienware AW2521HF 24.5" 240Hz Gaming Monitor
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The AW2521HF is an impressive 24" 1080p monitor that you can get for a very reasonable price point.

It includes G-Sync/FreeSync compatibility, which eliminates screen tearing when looking at fast-moving objects.

It has an incredible IPS panel that offers vibrant colors, great viewing angles and is fast, almost comparable to TN panels.

The image quality is vivid and vibrant, even in rooms with a lot of natural sunlight or lighting.

And the monitor itself looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye, making it an ideal candidate for a great-looking setup.

Overall this is one of the best monitors to snatch up for a 24.5" screen size to game at 1080p resolutions.

BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K 24.5" 240Hz Gaming Monitor
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The great thing about a 24" monitor is that they are cheaper than bigger-sized monitors, which gives you leeway to spend on quality features.

This is the same case for BENQ's Zowie XL2546K 24.5" gaming monitor, one of the top-rated monitors for gaming.

Whether you play FPS games like VALORANT or MOBA games like League of Legends, getting a 240Hz monitor will decrease your input lag...

And will feel buttery smooth and responsive when gaming.

The monitor includes DyAc functionally, which is designed to reduce motion blur, and improve clarity.

It also includes BenQ's eQualizer technology which ensures everything is smooth and responsive.

If you are looking for a reliable monitor for 1080p gaming, this is the monitor for you.


The absolute best monitor size you should be playing games at 1080p is a 24" monitor...

But if you happen to have the budget for it, 27" monitors offer more real estate and efficiency when gaming on high resolutions such as 1440p.

The best monitor size for 1080p resolution will depend on what type of game(s) you're playing in addition to your personal preference.

If you have a 24" monitor with which you have had great results, comment down below, we read each comment.

Article written by Lorenzo
Since the age of 6, Lorenzo has enjoyed gaming on computers. Having grown up in the digital age, the technology revolves around him. He enjoyed growing up gaming throughout his high school years and is now a young adult who does most of his work on his computer. Lorenzo's mission is to make buying products and building PC's an easy and fun experience for all.

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