Gaming Setup With Plants: How to Bring Life to Your Space!

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Written By: Lorenzo • Updated: 08/09/2023

In a world where gaming setups are defined by more than just hardware specs, the ambiance of a space can make all the difference.

This sentiment rings true for the realm of gamers who seek not only competitive performance but also a tranquil atmosphere.

Imagine a gaming setup where the calming embrace of nature complements the invigorating rush of virtual adventures.

To do this, we’ll guide you on how to enhance your gaming setup with easy-to-care plants that complement your gaming room and ensure a seamless blend regardless of available space.

So, let’s go about creating a gaming setup that's both visually and emotionally rejuvenating!

Key Takeaways

  • Plant Selection: Initially, opt for plants that are low-maintenance. As you build confidence, you may consider those that require more attention and delicate care.
  • Creative Lighting: Light serves two purposes: photosynthesis and aesthetics.
  • Efficient Cable Management: Organize cables to create space for plants and equipment.
  • Purposeful Furniture Arrangement: Arrange furniture and equipment thoughtfully for ease and visual appeal. Get a gaming desk that will accommodate both plants and peripherals.
  • Harmonious Coexistence: If low on space, use wall planters to cultivate a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Design for Comfort and Functionality: Prioritize comfort, functionality, and ergonomics so as not to impede movement on a desk or in the gaming room setup.

So, let's create a gaming setup that's both visually and emotionally rejuvenating!

Plant Selection for Gaming Setups

If you’ve ever wondered what plants would look best with your gaming setup, consider choosing plants that fit your lighting, routine, and available space.

The correct choice of plants will not only fit in and enhance the aesthetic of your gaming setup but also help create a healthier and more calming environment.

Following are some indoor plants that would look best with your gaming setup:

Peace Lily

  • Color: Dark green leaves with white blooms.
  • Type: Flowering plant.
  • Size: Suitable for medium-sized indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 6-8 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Use a balanced liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks.
  • Companion Planting: Pair with Snake Plant to balance watering needs and enhance air purification.

Snake Plant

  • Color: Dark green, upright leaves.
  • Type: Succulent.
  • Size: Ideal for smaller indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 4-6 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Twice a year with diluted general-purpose fertilizer.
  • Companion Planting: Combine with ZZ Plant for a low-maintenance duo that thrives in low-light conditions.

ZZ Plant

  • Color: Glossy dark green leaves.
  • Type: Succulent.
  • Size: Great for medium-sized indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 6-8 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed every 2-3 months with a diluted balanced fertilizer.
  • Companion Planting: Pair with Pothos for contrasting foliage and minimal care needs.


  • Color: Variegated green and golden leaves.
  • Type: Trailing vine.
  • Size: Well-suited for hanging or trailing in larger pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 8-10 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed every 4-6 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer.
  • Companion Planting: Combine with Spider Plant to promote air purification and add variety to your arrangement.

Cast Iron Plant

  • Color: Dark green, leathery leaves.
  • Type: Foliage plant.
  • Size: Ideal for large indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 10-12 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Every Spring/Summer, sparingly with a slow-release fertilizer.
  • Companion Planting: Pair with Jasmine for a balanced blend of textures and growth habits.

Spider Plant

  • Color: Variegated green and white leaves.
  • Type: Foliage plant.
  • Size: Suitable for medium-sized indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 6-8 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed a diluted balanced fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.
  • Companion Planting: Combine with Boston Fern to enhance humidity levels and create a visually pleasing arrangement.

Boston Fern

  • Color: Bright green, feathery fronds.
  • Type: Fern.
  • Size: Ideal for hanging baskets or larger pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 8-10 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed a diluted liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.
  • Companion Planting: Pair with Azaleas for a touch of color and harmonious foliage contrast.


  • Color: White or pale pink fragrant blooms.
  • Type: Flowering vine.
  • Size: Suitable for larger indoor pots or trellises.
  • Indoor Pot: 10-12 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed either late Winter/early Spring with a balanced liquid fertilizer.
  • Companion Planting: Combine with Cast Iron Plants for a diverse and balanced indoor garden.


  • Color: Wide range of colorful blooms.
  • Type: Flowering shrub.
  • Size: Ideal for medium-sized indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 8-10 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed right after Spring bloom with a specialized acidic fertilizer.
  • Companion Planting: Pair with Calla Lilies for a vibrant and visually striking display.

Calla Lilies

  • Color: Assorted colors, including white, pink, and yellow.
  • Type: Flowering plant.
  • Size: Best suited for medium-sized indoor pots.
  • Indoor Pot: 8-10 inches in diameter.
  • Fertilizer: Feed every 4-6 weeks with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season.
  • Companion Planting: Combine with Azaleas for a dynamic mix of colors and textures.

Basic Planning for Gaming Setups with Plants

AI gaming setup with plants

The fusion of gaming and greenery creates a visually captivating gaming experience. Introducing plants into your gaming setup infuses the natural world into your decor, fostering a positive atmosphere. Adding a plant in your gaming setup would bring some softness during gaming sessions.

When selecting plants for your gaming setup, plan for their size, pot sizes, fertilizer, colorful hues, growth patterns, and maintenance requirements. You may pick larger plants depending on whether or not you can place them in your room.


If you don’t have space on your gaming desk, add them on the floor, walls, or a window. House plants require minimal room and accommodate even the most congested rooms.

Plants that drape for hanging wall planters. Compact plants for small pots. Foliage plants for medium-sized pots. And tall fern varieties for large-sized pots.


Add artificial lighting using LED lights to account for a lack of sunlight. They will accentuate your plant-themed gaming setup and provide a consistent spectrum of light than indoor grow lights.

If you prefer a darker room, then stick with LEDs.

gaming setup artifical lighting

Cable Management

Now that the desk is about to get a whole lot busier. Arranging your gaming furniture equipment and adding some accessories with intent contributes to the cleanliness of your gaming room.

A cable management box will help to make room for small plant pots. It’s only a hassle the first time around.

Gaming Desk

Consider both functionality and aesthetics. A proper gaming desk accommodates your PC equipment and clever cable management solutions with space for indoor pot plants. Take measurements so that everything rests spaciously and you have room for the plants.

Opt for a gaming desk made from sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, recycled metal, or bamboo. It will also complement the natural theme of death and rebirth alongside your indoor plants.

Lastly, you can explore various gaming room setup ideas, incorporating elements that you find appealing to create a unique and personalized space. Combining your preferences with inspiration from other setups allows you to design a gaming room that reflects your individual style.

Plant Color Schemes in Gaming Setups

Selecting the correct color scheme can make all the difference when incorporating houseplants into your gaming setup. Attention to color can create a balanced and comfortable atmosphere while showcasing your love for nature.

Since you’ll be using LED lights, they come in many colors, emit less heat, and are energy-efficient, making them more suitable for use around plants that require gentler intensity.

Consider using ambient lighting, which gives the space a subtle, soft glow. This glow can help accentuate the natural beauty of plants and your gaming setup.

well-thought-out color scheme is critical in enhancing the ambiance of your gaming setup with plants.

If you prefer a more vibrant approach, select shades of colors that complement the plants in your gaming setup. It will create a striking overall contrast!

Most gaming setups prominently feature red, black, and white template themes. So how about adding some fun to them using natural plant colors corresponding to each color and type of plant:

plant colour schemes

Black Complimentary Aesthetics

Trailing plants like Pothos are excellent choices for a stealthy yet Victorian gothic look! Small succulents or ferns can bring out their textures against black PC equipment in small pots on a desk.

Use foliage plants such as Peace Lily or Cast Iron Plant in medium and larger pots to add elegance against black backdrops.

black themed gaming setup

Red Complimentary Aesthetics

Azaleas or Calla Lilies can beautifully complement prominent red aesthetics in a gaming setup with their vibrant leaves. If you add some colored water to the white Calla Lilies, they look particularly stellar!

Succulents with red edges (certain Echeveria varieties) can mirror the color scheme in smaller pots.

Use red blooms for medium and large pots to coordinate the color theme.

red themed gaming setup

White Complimentary Aesthetics

Jasmine, Calla Lilies, Pothos, Money Plant, or Creepers will complement well with white PC equipment.

Use smaller white pots in white gaming setups with white-flowering plants like Peace Lily and Calla Lilies as companions.

For medium-to-large pots, use variegated leaves, such as Jasmine or Zebra Plants will complement beautifully with a white color scheme.

Remember, your choice of plants and containers will differ. Pick those that harmonize for you. Create an aesthetically pleasing garden that reflects your style.

white themed gaming setup

Plants in Minimalist Gaming Setup Design

A minimalist gaming setup is an excellent way to create a clean, organized environment for playing your favorite games. A minimalist style will reduce clutter and distractions, allow you to focus on your work, and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.

You'll also be able to save space, making your gaming setup perfect even for small rooms.

hyper realistic gaming setup

To achieve a sleek minimalist gaming setup: 

  • Select essential items like a comfortable gaming chair, a simple desk, and a quality PC or a console.
  • Keep your peripherals and accessories minimal.
  • Choose compact hardware and a streamlined aesthetic.
  • Cable management is crucial! Take the time to organize and guide your cables properly.

Integrating plants into your minimalist gaming setup can help elevate the design while creating a sense of tranquility.

Choose a few plants that match your minimalist style; this can improve the air quality and serve as natural décor. Properly position your plants to enhance your environment – consider placing them near natural light sources or enhancing them with ambient light to create a cozy atmosphere.

A minimalist approach doesn't mean sacrificing functionality! Experiment with different furniture and accessory layouts. Find what works best for you and aligns with your design preferences. You can also seek inspiration from other minimalist gaming setups to guide you in creating a gaming area perfectly tailored to your needs.

Focusing on the essentials will keep your gaming environment simple yet functional. You'll be able to create a stylish and comfortable minimalist gaming setup – perfect for your gaming sessions and adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some suitable plants for a gaming setup?

Jasmine, Calla Lilies, Pothos, Spider Plants, and Succulents are some of the most suitable plants for a gaming setup. These are known for their ease of handling. They are perfect for users who dedicate just enough time to plant care. Additionally, they are safe for pets, lower stress, and clean the air around the room.

How can I incorporate plants into my gaming desk design?

You can incorporate plants into your gaming setup by using plant wall mounters. If there's little room to spare, consider placing them on shelves surrounding your desk. Use small plants on a nearby window sill or desk so they can't interfere with your gaming equipment. Alternatively, try your hand at DIY and create a personalized rack for your gaming setup. If the need deems it or the heart wills it.

If plants release CO2 at night, is it safe for pets to sleep on the floor?

Yes, it's safe! The amount of CO2 released during respiration is much lower than what humans and animals exhale during their respiration. Respiration in plants never stops. Photosynthesis occurs exclusively in the daylight, mainly in the green leaves, and the stems do respiration. Planting a few plants inside a room is not a concern.

Do fake plants work well for gaming environments?

Fake plants can work well in gaming environments for visuals. No maintenance is needed. They are great for those who want the looks but not the total weight associated with live potted plants. However, fake plants can't bloom or purify the air as natural plants.

What are the benefits of having plants in a gaming setup?

Have plants in a gaming setup to improve air quality and circulation, lower stress, increase focus, and boost productivity while adding a pleasant fragrance to your gaming space. It will be all the more inviting and comfortable for you after or during a tough day.

Can I maintain a minimalist gaming setup with plants?

Yes! They are the missing accented highlight for any minimalist gaming setup. Pick companion plants that make a statement without overcrowding the space. Opt for slender stems and creeper plants to keep the aesthetic minimalist. Additionally, position it at the focal point.

Suggestions for combining home office and gaming space with plants?

When combining home office and gaming space with plants, consider using modular shelving or partitions to create separate zones in the room—one for gaming and one for work. Incorporate plants on both sides to unify the space and create a cohesive design. Opt for plants you think would help you for both scenarios. Add a few floor-standing plants for a varied height and visual interest.

The bottom line

Adding plants to any gaming setup only serves to help you. The plants breathe life into the gaming setup while looking great! If it looks good, it feels good to be seen in it. Jasmines, Calla Lilies, Succulents, and Azaleas are not picky about sunlight and add much-desired sanctity to the rig.

After all, as far as emulation goes, what better way to mirror nature than to customize your powerful gaming setup beneath the beauty of plants?

Article written by Lorenzo
Since the age of 6, Lorenzo has enjoyed gaming on computers. Having grown up in the digital age, the technology revolves around him. He enjoyed growing up gaming throughout his high school years and is now a young adult who does most of his work on his computer. Lorenzo's mission is to make buying products and building PC's an easy and fun experience for all.

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