15 Inspiring Minimalist Gaming Room Setups 2024

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Written By: Lorenzo • Updated: 29/04/2021

In the fast-paced world that we live in, sometimes you just need a little break.

A way to relax and escape the hustle of everyday life.

That's where minimalism comes in.

If you're a gamer and a minimalist, it's important to have a minimalist gaming room that you can relax.

Having a room that's decluttered can relax your mind.

It is a good way to relieve stress after a hard day at work.

Gaming is not only a great form of entertainment but also an excellent stress reliever.

Today we will be looking at 15 minimalist gaming rooms that are sure to inspire you as you set up yours.

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1. KidPokerAce's Clean & Minimal Setup

Example of a minimalist battlestation and a minimalist gaming room.
Source: u/KidPokerAce from r/battlestations

Have you ever seen a minimalist gaming room that was completely cordless and didn't have a speck of dust on the floor?

KidPokerAce's setup is just satisfyingly clean and minimal, with enough desk space and storage to suit a true minimalist.

2. Thinkwanot's Minimalist Gaming Setup

2. @thinkwanot
Source: @thinkwano

This setup is for those who value comfort when it comes to their gaming setup.

It includes some incredible accessories, such as a height-adjustable desk so that if you get sick of sitting, you can adjust it to a standing height, which is great for your back.

Not only that, the amount of desk space he has to play with is incredible.

Thinkwanot's setup also has a Herman Millar Aeron which is considered one of the top brands for comfort and ergonomics in a computer chair.

Just an incredible setup overall.

3. @itsterrijoanne's Lively Minimal Setup

3. @itsterrijoanne
Source: @itsterrijoanne

Minimal doesn't necessarily mean to get rid of all things.

It means to only use what is necessary.

Having plants in your gaming room can add some life to the place, and make you feel relaxed.

4. Helixtwo's Monochrome Minimalism

Source: u/helixtwo from r/battlestations

Want a darker-looking battlestation? Try a black and white gaming setup.

Having your computer on your table can add to the aesthetic appeal of your setup.

The plants on this setup (IKEA Fejka's) are really the icing on the cake.

5. Alexacea's White Minimalist Battlestation

Source: u/alexacea from r/battlestations

White always gives a clean look, and this is definitely the case for Alexacea's game room.

We love the long wooden table with the white drawers which perfectly compliment her PC case.

I can't say for certain whether that is the most comfortable chair in the world and would consider getting a premium gaming chair as the icing on the cake.

The minimalist PC case in white really makes this gaming setup pop.

6. Spencersdc Wooden Finish Minimalist Setup

6. spencersdc
Source: u/spencersdc from r/battlestations

Having the ability to maneuver your chair and your mouse is key when it comes to building an awesome gaming setup.

In this case, Spencerdc has both, with a large amount of desk space and room to roll around in with your chair.

The addition of his plants adds some liveliness to the room.

7. Jaz1140 Minimalist RGB Battlestation

7. Jaz1140
Source: u/Jaz1140 from r/battlestations

Sometimes a little RGB can make your room pop and give it a nice elegant look.

Especially if that room illuminates your setup, like what's happening in Jaz1140's gaming setup.

The RGB's included here are known as Nano Leaves and help give off that futuristic look for any gaming room.

8. InterestingCube Minimalist Battlestation

8. InterestingCube
Source: u/Interesting Cube from r/battlestations

Do you love to have a clean place?

Maybe your gaming room is your bedroom - it doesn't mean it you can't make the most out of your space.

InterestingCube does a great job keeping a clean and tidy room, with his battlestation having an incredible amount of desk space.

If there's one thing that would sum up this game room it's this:


9. SecretlDaccount Minimalist White Battlestation

9. SecretIDaccount
Source: u/SecretIDaccount from r/battlestations

SecretIDaccount's battlestation is the type of room I would expect to see in a more modern setting.

The color scheme, the PC, the monitor, and the lack of cables really make this game room pop out.

The nano leaves on the wall give it a nice touch too.

10. -Nordell-'s Musician Battlestation

10. Nordell
Source: u/-Nordell- from r/battlestations

If you are a musician, and a minimalist, Nordell's room should give you some solid room ideas.

This is a perfect example of making adamant use of the space you have.

11. alxander_'s Simple And Clean Battlestation

Source: u/alxander_ from r/battlestations

It's easy to tell if someone is a gamer, depending on certain factors.

In Alxander_'s case, you can tell right away. From the Logitech mouse to the 75% keyboard, the big, loudspeakers, and the XL desk mat.

What makes this setup is how everything is put together and how it's still incredibly spacious.

12. @hipstergram89 Console Battlestation

12. @hipstergram89
Source: @hipstergram89

If you are a console player, and a minimalist, looking for game room ideas, then this is it.

Simply get a large curved screen, mounted onto a desk with large desk space, and any additional accessories you'd like to liven up your setup.

The keyboard and mouse are optional, and not necessary if you like to game on other platforms.

13. thetechahven.bh's Futuristic Gaming Setup

13. @setupmall
Source: @thetechhaven.bh

Thetechhaven.bh's gaming setup reminds me of a game in which you're battling your way through a building, and have just reached the final level on the top floor.

And you realize the whole time that the final boss was watching you climb up the building this whole time.

And your final battle will be to defeat the boss.

This would be the boss's setup, a perfect example of a futuristic, RGB-lit room that looks great.

14. Vsurzeda's Custom Made Minimal Blue Light Setup

14. vsurzeda
Source: u/vsurzeda from r/battlestations

Vsurzeda's setup is a unique take on minimalism.

Everything about his setup is custom made, from his gaming table to his cabinet to the old, red vintage telephone he has.

Definitely, an eye-catching setup that you can use as one of many gaming room ideas.

15. ilovenyc Ultrawide Battlestation

15. ilovenyc
Source: u/ilovenyc from r/ultrawidemasterrace

What's not to love about ilovenyc's battlestation setup.

Definitely one of the best features is the main ultrawide monitor which gives you a ton of real estate to play around with.

Not to mention a ton of room to move around with the gaming desk.


By now you should have a general idea of what kind of minimalist gaming setup you want to build.

No matter if it's just your computer desk you want to make clean, cordless, and simple or the whole gaming room that you want to revamp.

The important thing is to have a clear goal in mind.

It all starts with making the decision on what you want your minimalist set up to be like, and then working from there.

So come up with an idea of what kind of minimalist gaming room you're after, set some goals for yourself, and get started!

And showcase your battlestation on your Instagram page!

Article written by Lorenzo
Since the age of 6, Lorenzo has enjoyed gaming on computers. Having grown up in the digital age, the technology revolves around him. He enjoyed growing up gaming throughout his high school years and is now a young adult who does most of his work on his computer. Lorenzo's mission is to make buying products and building PC's an easy and fun experience for all.

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