Where To Buy Custom Keycaps: 9 Best Keycap Websites To Go To

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Written By: Lorenzo • Updated: 01/12/2020

The beauty of mechanical keyboards, past the functionality and comfort, is their customizability - and what better way to customize them than with some gorgeous custom keycaps?

Adding custom keycaps will give your keyboard a whole new look. So if you're bored of the stock keycaps that you've been using this whole time, add a splash of color to your setup!

This especially goes well with the best white gaming keyboards as you have many combinations to choose from, whether it's black and white, white on white, or adding some green, red, or blue to the mix.

If you're unsure of where to buy keycaps, look no further...

Read on for a list of the 11 best places to buy custom keycaps!

1. KP Republic

Where to buy custom keycaps: KP Republic

If you've been in the mechanical keyboard community for a while, you have almost definitely heard of KPrepublic.

KPrepublic is an online store based in China that caters to all of your mechanical keyboard needs, from cases to PCBs - but, most importantly, they have a huge selection of custom keycaps and custom keycap sets for you to choose from!

Whether you're looking for PBT or ABS, Cherry MX or ALPS, or no matter what color or design you're wanting, KPrepublic will help you find the custom keycap set for you!

2. Amazon

amazon 1

It's no secret that Amazon is the place to go to if you're looking to buy anything online - and keycaps are no exception!

If you want options in terms of custom printed keycaps, then Amazon is ideal, with its seemingly endless list of keycaps for your mechanical keyboard that you can order and have at your doorstep the next day.

There are many keycap sellers on Amazon, so you will be able to find a huge variety of caps, most of which will be at a reasonable price - perfect for those dipping their toes into the custom mechanical keyboard world!

3. Etsy

etsy 1

Etsy is a lot like Amazon in terms of its huge community of sellers, except the type of keycaps that it offers is quite a bit different.

On this market, the sellers you come across will instead offer you gorgeous artisan keycaps, many of which are handmade to add a unique touch to your mechanical keyboard.

The price may be a bit higher considering it's for individual caps, but it's totally worth spending a little bit extra to have a Millenium Falcon as your Escape key - right?

4. Pimp My Keyboard

pimp my keyboard 1

Much like KPrepublic, if you've been in the scene for even just a short while, you have probably heard of Pimp My Keyboard.

Pimp My Keyboard is the consumer store for Signature Plastics, which are renowned for being kings in the keycap sphere, and for good reason: they create high-end keycaps that are durable and high-quality, and are known for their accurate and long-lasting double-shot keycaps.

They are also the manufacturers of DCS, SA, and DSA keycaps, so if you want to pick up a custom keycap set of these profiles, then checking out their site is a must!

5. TechKeys


TechKeys is yet another great marketplace for finding custom keycaps, whether you need a full keycap set or just a custom spacebar keycap to add that extra pop to your keyboard.

Simple yet fun and unique, TechKeys keycaps are the perfect addition to any Cherry MX keyboard!

6. Keypop

keypop 1

If you're looking for custom Cherry MX keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, then Keypop is the place to search!

They offer plenty of keycap sets, as well as individual keycaps for pretty much any key on your mechanical keyboard, making it one of the best places to browse if you're looking for options.

Keypop offers gorgeous keycap sets to fit pretty much any aesthetic, so be sure to check it out!

7. MechanicalKeyboards

mechanical keyboards 1

If you're looking for a marketplace that offers a wide selection of keycaps to upgrade your mechanical keyboard's look, then MechanicalKeyboards may be the site to check out!

MechanicalKeyboards offers keycaps from brands such as GMK, Ducky, and Tai-hao (so you definitely won't be lacking in options!), most of which are mid-range, offering an ideal balance between affordability and quality.

If you're willing to fork out a little bit more, however, then they also offer some higher-end options that are sure to make both your and your keyboard happy!

8. Banggood

banggood 1

Banggood is a keycap marketplace very similar to Amazon in the sense that it is a hub for a huge range of different products.

And, much like Amazon, it also offers a wide range of relatively affordable keycaps that are perfect if you are just starting out in customizing your mechanical keyboard.

From full keycap sets to individual caps, Banggood has pretty much everything you could ask for in a budget online store and offers a large variety of keycap styles, from solid-color to patterned.


wasd 1

We've discussed several excellent marketplaces for custom mechanical keycaps, but what if you want to design your own?

WASD lets you do just that, offering a custom keycap designer tool that allows you to pick the color, legends, and layout of your custom keycap set.

They also offer their own designs that you can purchase if you're not feeling creative enough to make your own just yet - what more do you need?

Other Keycap Places

Below is a quick list of other places which aren't described on this list:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Group Buys?

Group Buys (GB) is a 'pre-order' of a product that allows keyboard enthusiasts to buy a particular set of keys, where payment is collected upfront.

The manufacturer won't begin production until all payments have been collected and an order is placed with the factory.

Here is a simple breakdown of the topic by keyboard.university:

group buy timeline
Group Buy timeline by keyboard.university

Group buys allow you to cop some unique keycap sets that aren't available to the general population.

If you're getting into the hobby, and want your keyboard to be 100% custom, group buys are a great way to grab some unique keycap sets.

Can You Put Custom Keycaps On Any Keyboard?

You can purchase custom keycaps built for pretty much any keyboard - but not all keycaps can fit all mechanical switches.

For instance, you can't use keycaps made for a Cherry MX switch on a keyboard with ALPS switches, and vice versa.

As such, you need to make sure that your custom keycaps are compatible with your keyboard's switches

Switches aren't the only thing you need to look out for, however - you also need to consider your keyboard's layout; for example, space bars can often come in different sizes depending on your keyboard's layout.

Who Makes The Best Keycaps?

There are so many different keycap manufacturers out there - but who makes the best keycaps?

Well, there is definitely no single best keycap manufacturer, but having a selection of good companies is better if you want options, anyway.

For instance, companies such as YMDK and HK Gaming offer excellent keycaps and keycap sets, as do Drop and Ducky.

HyperX keycaps are yet another incredibly popular choice, known for offering high-quality pudding keycaps that really complement your mechanical keyboard's vibrant RGB.


Finding a good place to buy custom keycaps is important if you want to give your mechanical keyboard a well-deserved makeover, so we hope you enjoyed this list (and we hope it made your search a bit easier for you, too!)

If you found this article helpful, feel free to share this article to help out others in the mechanical keyboard community, too!

Article written by Lorenzo
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