7 Best Gaming Mouse For Claw Grip In 2021 (For Every Budget)

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When it comes to gaming, your mouse grip can make the difference between good aim, and amazing aim.

This is because depending on the size of your hand, you may be better suited for one grip as opposed to another.

In this case, we explore the best gaming mouse for claw grip.

Claw grips are best suited for those who have small-medium hands, and like small-medium gaming mice build.

If you’re unsure about which grip style suits you best, we wrote a whole guide determining the best mouse grip styles about the size of your hand.

I would suggest you read that before continuing, as each grip is suited for different gaming mice.

If you find that the claw grip isn’t the best for you, check out the other 2 gaming mice grips and our guides on choosing the best mouse:

By now you know that a claw grip suits your gaming style and hand size the best…

Of course, these are just guidelines, but they are accurate indicators to start with if you are buying your mouse online.

The claw grip is best for fast and accurate movements. Your palm is not on the mouse, so having a lighter grip reduces the amount of weight you put on the mouse itself. This allows you to be more agile compared to palm and fingertip grips.

In this article, we will be exploring what makes these gaming mice the best for claw grip gamers, and how you can use them to become a human aimbot.

Let’s dive in.

🏷  Budget Pick
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Logitech G Pro X Superlight
Best For Wireless Gaming
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🏷  Budget Pick
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🥇  Runner Up
Razer Viper Ultralight
Best Gaming Mouse For Claw Grip 2021
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🏷  Budget Pick
🔥  Best Overall
🥇  Runner Up
SteelSeries Rival 3
Unique Classic Grip
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The 7 Best Gaming Mice For Claw Grip

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1. Razer Viper Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse For Claw Grip 2021

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This ultra-lightweight and stylish mouse is great for claw grip gamers that want one of the best mice around, it comes in at a good price with some amazing features that we will discuss.

This is one of the greatest mice, the Razer Viper Ultimate Ultra Light for a claw that you can get, it has an excellent grip that promises that there are no slips and allows players to stay ahead of the game.

Coming in at around 61grams this incredible piece of technology is ultra-light and is made for right and left-handed players.

The ambidextrous design is a favorite of mine and I have personally used this mouse with the claw grip style, which helped to improve my accuracy on my First Person Shooter games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in particular.

The cable and feet on this mouse are not some of the best on the market, but it makes up for that is performance and size.

It is well suited for the smaller hand and a player that is not looking for onboard memory to save settings.

The Razer 5G optical sensor is a very responsive sensor which Razer has created, so you’re sure to hit those accurate flicks when necessary.

Talking about buttons it has 8 programmable buttons that let you execute with high precision with buttons on the side of the mouse.

This is a splendid mouse for gaming and will be a great addition to any gamer that is looking for an RGB Lighting wired mouse at incredible value for money.

This could be the best claw grip gaming mouse in our lineup, but let’s wait and see what wireless gaming mouse is next on our list…

  • Well built and extremely comfortable
  • Can be used for fingertip grip as well as a claw grip
  • Amazing sensor performance
  • 20k DPI sensor
  • Feet quality is not the best
  • Extremely similar to the Razer Viper and Viper Ultimate

2. Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best For Wireless Gaming

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When it comes to quality Logitech always delivers and claw grip gamers are in for a treat with this wireless mouse.

This right-handed claw grip mouse is simple and has a minimalistic feel with a futuristic black finish that feels great on the tip of your fingers.

This wireless claw grip mouse performs superbly under any conditions, it has the famous HERO Sensor which is possibly one of the most responsive and accurate gaming mice on the market featuring 25600 dpi.

Something you will notice as soon as you put this mouse in your hand is how extremely light it is and the exceptional feel you get from the material that covers this mouse.

The SuperLight Wireless doesn’t include any fancy RGB lighting, but this can be looked past as the performance of this device is the highlight.

Another highlight to mention is the additional Logitech G Powerplay Wireless System, so you will never run out of battery again.

Being a right-handed mouse it contains 5 buttons that are programmable through the Logitech G Hub Software system, which will allow you to fully customize your device.

Logitech is the leading company in terms of wireless technology, with a less-than 1ms input lag – which makes it comparable to wired gaming mice.

A great feature that this mouse has is that it comes with extra texture stickers so that it can provide you with even more grip when you need it most.

Overall this wireless gaming mouse is an excellent mouse for claw grip that will most definitely give you an edge over the competition.

  • SuperLight
  • Solid Claw Grip Mouse
  • 25600 dpi sensor
  • Perfect for competitive gamers
  • There should be better options for charging instead of a MicroUSB Cable, such as an additional battery pack that can be charged separately.
  • Not Ambidextrous

3. Razer Deathadder V2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Most Comfortable Mouse Grip

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Created with the slightly bigger hand in mind, the Razer Deathadder V2 Wireless has multiple programmable buttons that would really come in handy for gaming.

The Deathadder V2 Wireless is an excellent upgrade to the Razer Deathadder Elite and performs exceptionally well and has a crazy good build quality and could be the best wireless claw grip mouse.

Side buttons allow you to stay active in the game and execute your desired actions faster than you can click a button.

The DPI button can also be programmed so that it can be adjusted higher or lower by the 2 buttons that are on top of the mouse and can go all the way up to 20k dpi.

Claw grip users will love this 88gram mouse that’s optical sensors perform flawlessly and has a great lift-off distance.

This mouse will satisfy even the most veteran gamer with its wonderful click latency that is responsive and is on my list of the best mice for claw grip.

The Deathadder V2 Wireless is a fantastic mouse. And now, you can get it wirelessly!

The wireless version of the famous mouse has been long-awaited by many gamers and tech aficionados out there who want to be able to make quick moves without any hassle caused by pesky wires getting wedged in small spaces like desks or between peripherals.

  • A super responsive dpi optical sensor
  • Best wireless connectivity
  • Iconic ergonomic design that has won the hearts of players for years
  • 20k DPI sensor
  • Not for left-handed players
  • Button build quality is not up to scratch
  • The switches are a bit loud when they are clicked.

4. Glorious Model O Minus Gaming Mouse

Best Honeycomb Design

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The Glorious Model O Minus is a high build quality mouse that was envisioned by a community of passionate gamer and a development team who wants to give you a product that is nothing short of perfect.

This mouse is a force to be reckoned with and its ultra-light design is ergonomic and fits the hand perfectly for claw grip.

It comes in a regular and small size which only weighs around 58grams and will be one of the lightest mice that you ever use.

There is a DPI range of up to 12k and its optical sensor gives you a good lift-off distance when making fast swiping motions with the mouse.

This wireless mouse is top of range mouse that has RGB lighting and includes Omron mechanical switches which have an estimated life span of around 20 million clicks.

Its honeycomb design is futuristic and minimal at the same time and the is probably the best claw grip mouse on this list when it comes to value and weight.

Designed for left and right-handed gamers, the Glorious Model O Minus has side buttons that are only on the left-hand side so it might affect left-hand players that want to use the additional keys.

Truly standing up to its name the Glorious Model O Minus might just be one of the most beloved gaming mouse out there.

  • The honeycomb aesthetic design gives it a futuristic look
  • Well suited for gamers with small-medium hands
  • Ultralight claw grip mouse
  • Best budget and weight
  • Not that many programmable buttons as other mice
  • No buttons on the right side
  • Doesn’t have the best optical sensor

5. BenQ Zowie S2 Gaming Mouse

Best For Smooth Gliding

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The beautifully crafted matte black finish on this mouse by BenQ really gives it a great finish and helps with the grip also, this model designed for the small-medium-sized hand is a lightweight mouse that is almost comparable to the SteelSeries Rival 3.

The BenQ Zowie S2 is designed for gamers in mind and with its 3360 optical sensors, you will always stay ahead of the game.

The underside of it houses buttons to adjust your polling rate and DPI which ranges from 400 to 16000, you also have Zowie’s awesome Hyperglide Mouse Skates that make moving this mouse around a breeze with no lag and no noise.

On the side of the mouse, you have 2 perfectly positioned side buttons that click flawlessly delivering a satisfying clicking sound. The scroll wheel on this gaming mouse has 16 levels, so what this means is it pretty stiff and perfect to help with those bunny hops.

If your grip style on your gaming mouse is claw, this one might just be for you. As a well-loved all-round awesome mouse.

  • 3360 DPI Optical sensors
  • Amazing Hyperglide Mouse Skates
  • Matt finish gives better grip
  • Superb build quality
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Abit pricey
  • DPI buttons are underneath the mouse

6. The ENDGAME XM1 Gaming Mouse

Best For Large Hands

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Endgame Gear Analog Technology developed the Endgame XM1 for one reason and that reason is to provide a claw grip gaming mouse for the medium-extra large hands.

This mouse can be used by both right and left-handed players and looks perfect in an all-black or white finish, it has excellent build quality and lightweight so that you can swing it around and still feel the mouse in your hands.

The scroll wheel on this wired mouse has a 24 level system which makes for precision scrolling and helping to boost those rocket jumps or bunnyhops.

The side buttons remind me a lot of the Razer Deathadder v2 we review earlier, it has beautiful mechanical switches which feel just right when you click them.

A noteworthy feat of engineering that should be mentioned, is the amazing non shielded rubberized cable that basically has no play on it so it keeps your mouse sweeps as consistent as possible.

Dpi ranges from 50 to 16000 and can be adjusted on the matt black mouse, it will accommodate you wonderfully if you have a slightly bigger hand and your grip style is claw.

  • This mouse is affordable and of great value
  • Exceptional performance and click latency
  • No buttons that can be programmed
  • Bare Minimum when it comes to button configurations

7. Steelseries Rival 3 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Unique Classic Grip

Check Prices

There are 2 versions of the Steelseries Rival 3, one that is wired and the other a wireless mouse that we will be discussing in the next few sentences.

Steelseries claims that with 2 AAA batteries you can get around 400+ hours with this mouse, which is a believable statement as they are trusted around the world by professional gamers. It has been voted as one of the best mice to use for Counter-Strike for many years and is perfectly used by claw grip gamers.

The mechanical switches on this device will last up to 60 million clicks, making this one of the mouse durable mice in our range, this model is comparable to the Viper Ultimate, but comes in at a more affordable price. The scroll wheel and rest of the mouse are engineered with highly durable material so they can last you for many years.

The optical sensor on the mouse will provide true 1 to 1 tracking that can give the user and smooth experience so they never miss a shot.

Head over to this link to check out this exceptional claw grip gaming mouse that promises to make you feel professional without sacrificing price and build quality.

  • 400+ hours Battery Life
  • Excellent DPI sensor
  • Ultra-Light Weight Gaming
  • Extremely Affordable For A Wireless Mouse
  • Heavier than most mice
  • The Power Saving Setting Drops your Polling Rate

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Best Claw Grip Mouse For You

Before you go on choosing a mouse from this list, it’s important to note that there are some key benefits you want to look out for when choosing the best claw grip mouse.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Mouse For Your Situation

An example of a gaming setup with the best gaming mouse for claw grip.

Choosing the best claw grip mouse can be a tough decision and it’s all based on what you are looking to get out of your new mouse.

Build Quality

You want something tough and durable with incredible built quality that will last you a few years, you are looking for matte finishes and quality material that just breaks if it takes a knock.

If it’s wired that you are after the cable needs to be of good quality and if it’s wireless make sure to choose a leader in wireless technology that supports 2.4ghz wireless and Bluetooth.

No matter what you choose, make sure that it’s designed right with good quality materials and it will bring your gaming experience that much closer to the professional mark.

Mouse Sensor and Performance

It must have a high-quality optical sensor so that DPI is taken care of and it should also have a DPI button on top that makes it easy to change settings.

The sensor must be nicely situated under the mouse too so that you do not damage it in any way.

A good click latency is also a must and is the thing that will determine life and death in the gaming world

Underside and Topside

PTFE Feet would be a bonus, but not always a necessity if you own a decent mouse pad.

All the mice in this roundup support your palm and fingertip perfectly allowing you to focus directly on that perfect headshot that you have been waiting for.

Choosing A Wireless Mouse Over A Wired Mouse

Wireless is the future and some of the best claw grip mice are wireless ones that are ultra-light and small.

Let’s talk about the mouse Logitech G Pro X produced the “Superlight” for example with its great sensor and weight it delivers a refined experience that will leave gamers craving to use it more, the Deathadder V2 Wireless comes to mind also being a great claw grip gaming mouse that is both light, rigid and possibly the best budget mouse you can get.


Ultimate portability allows you can take your mouse wherever you go and play cable-free, which can also complement the best wireless minimalist setup you can create.

Mouse Grip Size

You need a mouse that fits your hands, if you have hands that are on the larger size you need to look for a bigger mouse and vice versa if you have smaller hands.

Getting the right size is imperative to your performance, make sure you do a hand size check to see which one will suit you best.

If you want to use claw grip, size is everything, so that you can get the perfect hold on your device, palm and claw will be fully satisfied.

If you want a deeper dive into mouse grip styles and how your hand size affects this, then check out our guide explaining it in detail.

Mouse Grip Stickers

Some of these mice come with extra stickers for grip which is a massive plus if you are someone that suffers from sweaty hands these extra stickers will come in functional use.

Decide to find the ultimate mouse for claw and you will notice how your aim will dramatically improve.

Additional Programmable Buttons

Decide if you are a gamer that is going to need a lot of side buttons on the mouse or someone that is just using the mouse for some First Person Shooters, either way, you need to choose so that you can get the best claw grip mouse for you.

You will also need a responsive scroll wheel that is not too stiff and flows smoothly when you flick it with your fingertip.

Built-in memory can also help you change keys and settings on the fly, so consider it when choosing the perfect one for you.

Best Way To Use Your New Gaming Mouse: Get A Mouse Pad

The best way to use your new gaming mouse is with a complementing mouse pad that can take advantage of the sensors on your new best claw grip gaming device.


You want low friction or frictionless surfaces that have decent sizing so you can pull off some smooth flick shots and be the envy of your enemies.

Low Profile

Having a low-profile mouse mat can make a difference on your wrist and provides better support than the bulkier versions of mouse pads out there.

Take care in the research on which mouse pad you would like to choose, maybe you should head over to this site to get a good roundup on potential mousepads for you.

What A Claw Grip Mouse Can Do For Your Gaming

Some of the best claw grip mice stand out for their simplicity and ease of use, the grip takes some getting used to and can also put a little strain on the wrist, but nothing that a bit of wrist exercises cant solve.

Game Genre

Falling somewhere between palm and fingertip grip, you have finer control of the mouse and is said to increase your precision in a range of games, but especially in the First Person Shooter genre.

Grip Styles

There are multiple styles of claw grip so there is definitely one to suit your taste and hand size, why wouldn’t you want to use one of the most commendable styles out there.

Have a look at our previous article detailing the different mouse grip styles, and how you can determine which grip is best for you.

The Ergonomics Of The Claw Grip: Is It Bad For Your Hand/Wrist?

You may not have even thought about this, but is having your hand in a claw-grip manner bad ergonomics?

Bear in mind, players like yourself have been using this style for many years and even some of the best eSports players in the world have adopted this style to make it their own.

Is claw grip really bad for your hands you ask?

Well, this Youtube video can answer your question:

Our Winner For The Best Gaming Mouse For Claw Grip

The winner for this roundup is a tough one to make, we are basing it around overall performance as well as the main reason for this article, which is will it work with your claw grip?

And the winner is the Deathadder V2 Wireless for being that much better of an upgrade to the Razer Deathadder Elite, this mouse makes you feel like a pro with an ergonomic shape that feels just perfect in medium-large hands.

Our Winner: The Best Gaming Mouse For Claw Grip

Check Prices

It also features onboard memory which will come in handing while programming keys through the Synapse system just like previously any previous mouse the Razer company has made.

The DPI range goes all the way up to 20k so there is no shortage of responsiveness when it comes to movements on the mouse.

All mice shared above are great for claw grip and you can surely find one that will be the perfect fit for you.

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