Choose the best products for gaming and productivity and build your dream Battlestation setup!

What is a battlestation?

Battlestations refer to anything related to your "PC" setup, whether you have a gaming setup, work from home setup, or an office setup. A battlestation is a combination of everything combined; your PC, monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, headphones, accessories, your cable management, etc. Everything combined into one setup is a battlestation of sorts.
Build Your Own Battlestation

Find the best products to build your battlestation setup!

Below is some gaming setup inspiration that we've put together to help you build the battlestation of your dreams. No matter if you're trying to build a gaming, streaming or work from home setup, or simply are in need of some setup inspiration.

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Whether you need to maintain the cleanliness of your setup, want to get better at FPS games, or need to know where to buy certain products, we have a ton of guides to lead you down the right path!

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Below are some product reviews that we've written based on either our personal experience, or hours of research. Each product we've reviewed we have considered buying at one point in time, and may or may not suit your setup.
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